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Ibrahim El Kalai

Ibrahim El Kalai

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Morocco)

During my internship at UFF’s LAMMOC laboratory, I had the opportunity to work on a cutting-edge research project on assessing the risk of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers. With the invaluable guidance and support of Mr. Marcio Cataldi, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the geographical aspects of the project and apply my data science skills effectively. This experience has not only broadened my knowledge but also enhanced my academic capabilities, and I am grateful for the chance to have been a part of this research team. Obrigado Brazil!

How to Apply?

For regular Undergraduate or Graduate students, the International Labs option will be available at the time of your online application at UFF, where you can select the desired laboratories and the expected period of research.

If you are applying only for the research, please refer to this page.

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