National Institute of Science and Technology: Social history of property and right to access (PROPRIETAS)

Programs and Courses

Post-graduate program in History


Lines of Research

  • Social History of Propriety.
  • Rural History.


Foreign languages used

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish


Activities developed

The PROPRIETAS network presents a study proposition about property seen as a social institution in its different dimensions, with emphasis on its effects on production and access to cultural and property assets. The issue of property and its developments today occupies a strategic position for Portuguese-speaking countries, besides being decisive for an intensification of public planning and/or innovation policies related to property in Brazil.

A historical perspective was chosen as a valid and advantageous analysis approach, and we intend to think about the construction and functioning of specific structures that regulate property (material and intellectual), taking into account the establishment of comparison parameters between appropriations of tangible and intangible assets.

This comparative study will develop both from the synchronic comparing different national experiences (from Portuguese-speaking countries, with emphasis on the Brazilian experience) at different historical moments] and from the diachronic [focusing on continuities, transformations and disruptions that have occurred through time at the legal-institutional frameworks observed] points of view. By taking into account the current emphasis on intellectual property, which globally consolidates the so-called “age of knowledge”.


Study background required

  • History of Property
  • Copyright
  • Modern history
  • Art

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