International Cooperation

UFF values the international integration of its student body and faculty members as a policy of academic development. Through the mediation of the International Cooperation Office (SRI), UFF facilitates access to the mobility opportunities for its students in Learning and Research Institutions which have established cooperation agreements with UFF.

In the carrying out of the international cooperation activities, UFF has cooperation agreements which aim to formalize the mobility of students, professors, and personnel and/or the development of other technological scientific activities, submitting to the law and to instructions of the partner institutions.

The agreements and their additions enable academic partnerships with foreign institutions, being bilateral or multilateral.

Abiding to the Brazilian law regarding international treaties, the agreements remain in effect for 5 years, and may be renewed, if it is in the interest of the agreeing parties.

Although the Cooperation Agreements vary from one university to another, in general, they assure that students:

  • Don’t pay tuition fees in the host university;
  • Receive a student visa in their passport, which allows them to enroll in the host university and to stay abroad for the period of study;
  • Are able to use the credits obtained in the host university when they return.
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