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Yassine Wajih

Yassine Wajih

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Morocco)

My 3-month internship in O2 at UFF was my first long experience abroad. During this exchange, I had the chance of testing my scientific knowledge while working on a challenging project with Prof. André Belém, which consisted of the conception of an underwater ROV for undersea exploration. I could also test my adaptability to a foreign environment, which was made easy thanks to the welcoming community of UFF and especially O2 and Lammoc. Muito obrigado por esta experiência!

How to Apply?

For regular Undergraduate or Graduate students, the International Labs option will be available at the time of your online application at UFF, where you can select the desired laboratories and the expected period of research.

If you are applying only for the research, please refer to this page.

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