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Applications for International Mobility for Undergraduate students will be available through this website during the following periods:

Semester Period
1st semester of 2024 November 20th to January 15th
2nd semester of 2024 To be informed soon

Foreign students must come to UFF with health insurance, which shall cover all the period of study, and a student visa, which will be obtained with the Acceptance Letter the student will receive after being approved by the Academic and Institutional coordinators at UFF.

Students may have access to the list of courses offered by UFF below and the information about the filling of the Application Form is available here.

Medicine Practical Internship

The applications for the Incoming Mobility of Undergraduate Medicine Students are available during the whole year. Students that are applying for a course in Medicine must be able to do or be already doing a Practical Internship (Internato Médico), which is a supervised tuition in services, full time period, as a choice of the student or determined by the home university, in any area of medical knowledge available at the Hospital Universitário Antônio Pedro.

The goals of this internship are:

  • To execute health actions in all general and specific attention levels;
  • To understand the activities of a specific area, either chosen on your own or by the criteria of your home university, and to understand the integration and correlation of the medical service;
  • To execute emergency services in a specific area.

The student may stay for a minimum of 1 month in each specialty to a maximum of 7 months, depending on the criteria of the home university, and each month in a specialty credits students with 135 hours of activity. The application should be done, at least, 3 months before the arrival of the student in Niterói.

Students must arrive one week prior to the start of their activities, to register at the ICO first, followed by the University Hospital. When attending at the ICO, students must bring their Passports, Student Visas and a copy of their Health Insurance before they are allowed to fill out their Certificate of Arrival and receive a Declaration of Enrollment. Those two documents will then have to presented at the Hospital Universitário Antônio Pedro, in the morning of the following day, where they will be instructed on when and how their activities start in the following week.

After concluding their Medical Internship, students must visit the ICO once more, to fill their Certificate of Departure and, with this document, request their Declaration of Hours of Activity at the University Hospital. The period of stay cannot be extended in case of delayed arrivals.

International medical students who wish to extend their stay at UFF must apply again, filling in a new form and competing for a new spot.

Abdemoula El Bouhali

Abdemoula El Bouhali

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (Morocco)

I worked on a modelization project in the engineering department, I got all the help, the support, and the material needed. Besides, I am grateful by the help of the international cooperation office at UFF to get the help and also by the very useful advices. Furthermore; I meet many students at UFF they were very nice, and they like to meet and know more people.

Iniatives to International students

UFF International Labs

In order to increase the number of opportunities for non-Portuguese-speaking students at UFF, our university has introduced the UFF International Labs Project involving laboratories and research groups in various fields of study.

Such a project enables international mobility students and researchers to spend from a few months to an entire year at our institution carrying out their research activities with specialists on their fields, developing practical laboratory work or conducting academic theoretical research.

There are currently more than 80 different laboratories and research groups open to international students; a project that has already sparkled great interest among students and researchers alike.

Community Outreach Projects

Community outreach work is an effective way of connecting the university with the community as a whole. Such projects, as the term used in Brazil clearly shows (Projetos de Extensão Universitária – literally, University Extension Projects), extend the arms of the University to reach off its campuses in an attempt to interact with the community and, thus, promote a constant exchange of knowledge.

There is a wide variety of projects underway in various areas, such as human rights, environment, education, health, technology among others.

Student at Praia Vermelha campus

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