Regulation for Cotutelle

The cotutelle encompasses a double diploma of master or doctoral studies, one at UFF and another at the overseas university.


Requirements for the Cotutelle

  • Being administered by a stricto sensu graduate program recognized by the Ministry of Education in Brazil (MEC) recommended by Capes and by a foreign program of the same research area, qualified by the Ministry of Education or similar agency in their country of origin;
  • To have a Cotutelle Convention Term signed for each student, as provided in CEPEX Resolution 336/2021 (in Portuguese).


Documentation Required

  • Cotutelle application made by the advisor, in case of individual agreement, or Graduate Program request in case of collective cotutelle agreement;
  • Favorable opinion of the collegiate of the UFF Graduate Program;
  • Draft of the term of the Cotutelle Convention;
  • Official document of the foreign institution stating the approval of the terms of the agreement and its interest in the realization of the project.


Thesis Defense

  • The thesis must be written in a language compatible with the institutional cooperation it represents, at the discretion of the programs and in compliance with the cooperation or consortium agreement between UFF and the participant institution of the Cotutelle;
  • The thesis must contain a summary in the language of the other partner institution, in addition to English;
  • The defense will have to be recognized by the two institutions. The examination board shall be appointed by mutual agreement between the two institutions and shall be composed by representatives of the two countries;
  • The defense will be unique and joint, if necessary by using long-distance means of communication (like videoconference or others);
  • The language of presentation and defense will be defined and should be included in the Cotutelle Convention of each student;
  • The examining committee may require modifications and stipulate a deadline for the resubmission of the final assignment, within the maximum period granted to the student for the conclusion of the program, through a written joint reasoned opinion.


Diploma Issuance

The Office of Research, Graduate, and Innovation (PROPPi) will analyze the proving documentation of program completion, subject to the terms of the specific convention, and will forward the process to the Office of Undergraduate Education (PROGRAD) for the issuance of the diploma.


Note to UFF employees

Cotutelle students who are either UFF staff or faculty must request leave and send the appropriate follow-up reports to the Office of Personnel Management (PROGEPE), under the terms and deadlines set forth in specific regulations.


Cotutelle Templates

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