How to be a partner of UFF?

The formalization of international partnerships for technical, academic, and scientific cooperation can be proposed to the International Cooperation Office (SRI) of UFF, by faculty, administrative staff, and university departments.

Letter of Intent, Memoranda of Understanding, Cooperation Agreements, and International Agreements are the instruments of formalization.

Proposals for international partnerships (made by UFF’s students or researchers) must be:

  • Elaborated preferably in UFF’s model, which is approved by the Office of the Federal Prosecutor at UFF, in Portuguese and in the foreign language of the participating institution;
  • Appreciated and approved by collegiate bodies, compatible with the objective of cooperation (departmental plenary, undergraduate and graduate collegiates, academic units);
  • Secured by the due department, unit or body, containing the minimum documentation set forth in item before, through a process opening that must be sent to the SRI.

Documentation for process instruction will be made of:

  • Draft agreement, in the model of UFF or in the foreign institution model, in both Portuguese and in the language of the partner institution;
  • Approval of the cooperation proposal by the due collegiate body;
  • Document from the foreign university demonstrating the interest in cooperation that comes from the SRI, the President’s Office, or related areas;
  • Own form available here;

For further doubts, please refer to the Normative Instruction 44/183 published on the Service Bulletin, available here (starting on page 6).

The proposals will be analyzed through the following steps:

  • Documentary analysis by the SRI;
  • Legal analysis by the Office of the Federal Prosecutor at UFF;
  • Concordance with the deans and their due administrative bodies so the activities will be developed in the partnership related;
  • Approval by the Teaching, Research and Outreach Council of UFF (CEPEx);
  • Signature of the President;
  • Publication in the Service Bulletin;
  • Appointment of the coordinator, if any.

The procedures also apply to Additive terms.


International Cooperation Agreement Templates

Portuguese Portuguese-Spanish Portuguese-French Portuguese-English Portuguese-Italian


Addenda to International Agreement Templates

Portuguese Portuguese-Spanish Portuguese-French Portuguese-English
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