Life at UFF

UFF has a great number of facilities, and sponsors various initiatives which students and staff can benefit from. Here is only a partial list of such facilities:

University Restaurants (Bandejões)

The University restaurants serve lunch and dinner on weekdays at a cost price. They operate on a self-service basis with menus consisting of a main course, dessert and beverage.

Combining quality and low cost is one way of providing the best day-to-day conditions for everyone at the university.

Shuttle buses (BusUFF)

BusUFF is the exclusive and free transportation service for students to and from all university campuses in Niterói.


The Universidade Federal Fluminense has currently over 20 libraries, housing a comprehensive collection for research and an array of electronic catalogues available on online. Find out more at Portal de Bibliotecas.

Johan Andersson

Johan Andersson

Uppsala University (Sweden)

I did my exchange semester at UFF and it has been an unforgettable experience. I’ve made new friends from all over the world, learned a lot about Brazil and the culture, as well as developed as a person. I highly recommend doing an exchange semester here.


As student residence is unavailable for foreign students at UFF, the International Cooperation Office provides students with a list of options of accommodation in Niterói, and puts them in contact with a network of former students who will be glad to share information on room and board available in the city.

  • MoraUFF
    A project developed by UFF students to provide assistance to students in search of accommodation. The site Mora UFF is a point of connection between those who seek and those who offer accommodation in an attempt to ensure the best possible deals.


  • Roomgo
    Roomgo is an online platform thought out to make life easier for those who want to share an apartment or rent a room in Niterói.

Buddy Program

A “buddy” is an UFF student selected by the International Cooperation Office to assist incoming students, even before their arrival, with practical information regarding the city, the administrative procedures, enrollment, etc.

The Buddy Program for foreign students aims to promote the integration of foreign students with UFF students and with the university in general. Buddies are responsible for assisting the foreign student upon their arrival in Brazil by helping them with their adaptation to the Brazilian academic routine.

Michelle Jarillo

Michelle Jarillo

Hidalgo State Autonomous University (Mexico)

Studying at UFF allowed me to live a new adventure each day. I lived intensively in the present, while dreaming and yearning the future.


UFF is the main cultural scene in Niterói, with an Arts Center – comprising a theater, a movie theater, an art gallery and a photography gallery – that hosts international festivals and has always been praised by its high-quality equipment and spaces. In addition, UFF sponsors a National Symphony Orchestra, an Ancient Music Ensemble, a Choir and a String Quartet.

…and Diversity at UFF

At UFF, students are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities such as LGBTQI+ groups, religious meetings, women and race equality groups, athletics (sports associations), students’ associations, community outreach work, etc.

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