UFF researchers are among the most influential on the planet
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Eight professors from Universidade Federal Fluminense are included in the ranking prepared by the PLOS Biology journal which lists the most influential researchers in the world. In total, 600 Brazilian researchers were recognized by the scientific publication. The survey was conducted by a group from Stanford University (USA) and made from the metrics of publications with and without self-citation and the proportion of articles cited.

Entitled Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators, the polling work carried out by the American team used citations from the Scopus database, which updates the position of scientists in two different rankings: one that records the impact of the researcher during his/her career and another that highlights the impact of the researcher in a single year; in this case, 2019.

The president of Universidade Federal Fluminense, Antonio Claudio Lucas da Nóbrega, emphasizes the importance of this recognition. “UFF is very proud of its qualified staff of scientists. Having this number of the most influential researchers in the world reinforces the excellence of our University and the high level of its academic, scientific, and technological production. I am pleased to congratulate those cited by PLOS Biology, as well as the entire UFF faculty for innovative research in favor of society and global development.”

Meet the UFF researchers who are part of the international ranking below:

  • Gustavo André de Deus Carneiro Vianna (Dentistry)
  • João Marciano Laerdo dos Reis (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Marcelo Silva Sarandy (Physics)
  • Marcos Flavio de Campos (Metallurgical Engineering – Volta Redonda)
  • Norman Arthur Ratcliffe (visiting professor at the Sciences and Biotechnology Graduate Program)
  • Paulo Rangel Rios (Metallurgical Engineering – Volta Redonda)
  • Roldan Muradian (Economics)
  • Vitor Francisco Ferreira (Pharmacy/Chemistry)


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