Discourse and Grammar

Programs and Courses

Graduate Program in Language Studies and Undergraduate Program in Letters


Lines of Research

  • Linguistic Theory and Analysis
  • Portuguese Language
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Applied Linguistics


Foreign languages used

  • English
  • Spanish


Activities developed

  • Description and linguistic analysis
  • Functional approach to language
  • Linguistic research in constructional perspective
  • Analysis of the language in use, in historical and contemporary perspective
  • Linguistic research in terms of Usage-based Functional Linguistics


Study background required

  • Ongoing or finished Undergraduation in Linguistics are (Linguistic Theory and Analysis, Applied Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Historical Linguistics) or Letters (Portuguese or any foreign language)
  • Reading of technical texts in English; some knowledge of Portuguese language needed; Interest in descriptive and analytical studies of the language in use; Data handling in electronic means; Reasonable domain of the academic writing.

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