Laboratory of Applied Organic Synthesis – LabSOA

Programs and Courses

Graduate Program in Chemistry and Health Products


Lines of Research

Synthesis and Prospection of biological activity for cancer and neglected diseases.


Foreign languages used

  • English


Activities developed

The LabSOA is a laboratory that works in the field of Organic Chemistry, with emphasis in Organic Synthesis, in the synthesis of small molecules as coumarins, carbohydrates, heterocycles, diazocompostos, triazoles and quinones with potential bioactivity acting mainly against cancer, bacterial infections (including tuberculosis), virus, fungi, neglected diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.


Study background required

  • Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering
  • The student must have done basic chemistry disciplines


Possible risks envolved

The laboratory envolves the use of reagents and common equipments of Chemistry laboratories, being exposed to solvents, reagents (organic and inorganic), microwaves and high-pressure reactors.


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