Organic Geochemistry Laboratory

Programs and Courses

Graduate Program in Geosciences and Geochemistry


Lines of Research

Organic Geochemistry of Natural Waters


Foreign languages used

  • English


Activities developed

We develop projects on continental and marine aquatic ecosystems through analyzes of natural and anthropogenic organic biomarkers (eg methane, carbon dioxide, lignin phenols, fatty acids, polycyclic aliphatic hydrocarbons and sterols) in different environmental matrices (eg: gas, effluents, organisms, water suspended particles, surface and core sediments).


Study background required

  • Oceanography, Biology, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry and related fields
  • Previous experience in laboratory activities related to environmental chemistry


Possible risks envolved

Exposure hazards with solvents (hexane, methanol, dichloromethane, ethyl acetate and pyridine).


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