Programs and Courses

Undergraduate and Graduate Program in Chemistry


Lines of Research

  • Organic Synthesis
  • Supramollecular Chemistry
  • Organochalcogen Chemistry


Foreign languages used

  • English


Activities developed

The laboratory is called the SupraSelen Laboratory, which focuses on obtaining molecules and supramolecules containing selenium for the most diverse applications (antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, catalysts, etc.), highlighting the search for new drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis and neglected diseases.

This line of research involving Supramolecular Chemistry and organochalcogenides is new in Brazilian science and in the world and is directly related to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry of 2016, being highly strategic for Brazil. In addition, seeking the cure and / or treatment of diseases considered endemic in low-income populations becomes challenging and immensely rewarding from a social point of view.


Study background required

  • Chemisty, Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering
  • Having attended and passed in, at least, one course of theoretical organic chemistry and one course in experimental organic chemistry.


Possible risks envolved

The risks are those common in synthesis laboratories, since the student will be exposed to chemical reagents/solvents that are inflammable and/or toxic. However, the personal and group protective equipments will be provided.


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