UFF’s Grading System


Final Grades

0.00 to 3.90 – Failed
4.00 to 5.90 – Supplementary Evaluation (SE)*
6.00 to 8.90 – Pass (Good)
9.00 to 10.0 – Pass (Excellent)

The Supplementary Evaluation is an extra exam on which the student will need to achieve a minimum grade of 6.0 to pass. In this case, the grade column of the transcript will show the grade received on this exam, and there will be a star (“*”) on the column “SE” (“VS” in Portuguese) of the Official Transcript.

For a passing grade, the student will also need to attend a minimum of 75% of the hourly load of the course.


Grade Conversion

According to the criteria proposed by the Direção-Geral de Ensino Superior (DGES), based on the formula Cfinal = {[(C-Cmin)/(Cmax-Cmin)]*10} + 10, the converted grade will be:


Credit Hour System

Universidade Federal Fluminense adopts a Credit Hour System where each course can have three types of hourly workload represented on the Official Transcript by the letters “T”, “P” and “I” (“T”, “P” and “E” in Portuguese, respectively).

  • T – Number of Theoretical (Teoria) hours;
  • P – Number of Practical hours;
  • E – Number of Internship (Estágio) hours.


GPA (Grade Point Average)

The GPA (Grade Point Average, “CR” in Portuguese) will be calculated based on all grades received by the student since he/she joined the university, by using the following formula:

G = Grade of the course / H = Number of hours of the course


When the student is submitted to the Supplementary Evaluation (SE), the Grade used on the calculation of the GPA is the average between his Final Grade on the course (before the SE) and the Grade received on the Supplementary Evaluation (SE).


Transfer Courses

Courses taken at another Higher Education Institution and recognized as part of the UFF program are represented by the EXEM abbreviation on the grade column of the Official Transcript, which stands for “Exempt”. Such courses are not included, however, in the calculation of the GPA (Grade Point Average).


AC (Complementary Activities)

Complementary Activities are mandatory for all degrees at UFF, and they are represented by the acronym “CA” (“AC” in Portuguese) on the grade column. These activities are not considered in the calculation of the GPA (Grade Point Average) as well.

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