Audiovisual Preservation University Lab (LUPA)

Programs and Courses

Undergraduate course and Graduate Program in Cinema and Audiovisual Studies


Lines of Research

  • Audiovisual Preservation
  • Orphan Films
  • Amateur Cinema
  • Audiovisual Technologies
  • History of Brazilian Cinema


Foreign languages used

  • English


Activities developed

The LUPA’s objective is to support teaching, research and extension activities in the field of audiovisual preservation of the Department of Film and Video of UFF and collaborate in the promotion and preservation of amateur cinema in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

We understand amateur cinema as comprising both the UFF student films and home movies made in the Rio de Janeiro state. LUPA collects, preserve and promote amateur cinema, especially in narrow gauges film (9,5, 8, S8 and 16mm), also restoring and maintaining historical film equipment.

Among the regular activities of LUPA are: inspecting and cataloguing film, promoting events, organizing the collection of documents and equipment, feeding the LUPA website and social media, researching the collection, attending donors etc.


Study background required

  • Audiovisual preservation, Cinema, Media Studies, Information Science, History
  • Knowledge in cinema history and photography


Possible risks envolved

Exposure to toxic gases, mold, dirty and bad smell.


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