UFF Network of Environment and Sustainable Development – REMADS-UFF


Programs and Courses

  • Graduate Program in Geochemistry
  • Graduate Program in Sustainable Systems Management


Lines of Research

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Water resource management
  • Geochemistry of coastal environments


Foreign languages used

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish


Activities developed

REMADS-UFF is an interdisciplinary research center that gathers professionals from different areas, including biology, chemistry, oceanography, geography, sociology, economy, health science and many other. The approaches are, most of the time, focused on the search for integrated solutions of environmental problems, which include the management of wastes, control of contaminants, biogeochemistry, landscape analyses, environmental health, and socioeconomic issues associated with the environment.


Study background required

  • Biology, chemistry, oceanography, geology, agronomy, engineering, geography, sociology, economy, health science, environmental science.
  • Good English, spoken and written, Portuguese is desirable. Good skills in dealing with computers. Good general knowledge in their areas. For health scientists, economists, sociologists, a deeper knowledge in environmental science is desirable.


Possible risks envolved

In the laboratoty, the students have to work with a few toxic reagents, acids and oxidizing agents. In the field, the students should have to collect samples from outboard motor boats and they should have to go in unknown poor communities. All the personal safety equipment is provided.


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