Unit of Experimental Research in Goats and Sheeps

Programs and Courses

Graduate Program in Veterinary Medicine (Animal Practice and Reproduction)


Lines of Research

Small ruminants reproduction


Foreign languages used

  • English
  • Spanish


Activities developed

The Unit has research activities focused on

  • animal reproduction and reproductive biotechnology in small ruminants (andrology, reproductive physiology, hormonal protocols, artificial insemination, superovulation, embryo transfer and oocyte aspiration)
  • infectious diseases with a focus on leptospirosis in small ruminants.

The structure is composed by

  • a laboratory for surgical procedures, experimental infection and collection of biological samples
  • a laboratory for handling of biological agents (NB-2), spermogram, cell culture and gametes and embryos cryopreservation
  • a support room for cleaning and sterilization
  • an office
  • an ultrasound room and haematological processing
  • a laboratory for conducting necroscopic exams and collecting post-mortem samples.

Equally, there also have three barns that support the experimental, maintenance and breeding routine of the sheep and goat flock at the Unit.


Study background required

Undergraduate in Veterinary Medicine


Possible risks envolved

The student will be exposed to:

  • biological risk when manipulating infected animals
  • ergonomic risk when manipulating animals
  • chemical risk when manipulating iodine-based and formalin substances

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